When Xena and Gabrielle met one another, Gabrielle was a village girl in her village of Poteiadia. Xena had saved them from the warlord Draco and Gabrielle decided she wanted to travel with Xena. Later that same night, she said goodbye to her sister and left home in search of Xena. Xena was reluctant at first because she wanted to travel alone and she didn't think Gabrielle could take seeing what she sees.

Through all the trials and tragedies these two have suffered together, their friendship always remained strong. And at times, emerged stronger than before.

Take for example The Rift of season three. Both lied to one another and both lies hurt the other one. They both kept those lies from one another and it almost destroyed their friendship until they were taken to the world of Illusia. It was there that both of them were forced to face the lies they told the other, and only there could they begin to heal what was wrong between them.

After the events of season three were all behind them, came another event that almost ended their friendship for good. Gabrielle's daughter, Hope, had returned and she teamed up with Ares. Ares, knowing Gabrielle owed him for getting her to Chin ahead of time, gave her an ultimatim. Either stop Xena from killing Hope or the Fates would cut Xena's life thread. Wanting to save her best friend, and also stop Hope at the same time, Gabrielle sacrificed herself in order to ensure this would happen. Believing Gabrielle was dead, Xena went to Hades to find her. But she soon learned that Hades didn't have her in his domain because Gabrielle was Amazon. Xena soon traveled to the Amazon Land of the Dead and was given a vision from Alti that told her that Gabrielle was still alive. Xena soon found who she believed to be Gabrielle in Gabrielle's home village. But she soon discovered it was Hope. But shortly after that, Gabrielle found her. And they finally destroyed Hope for good.

Xena and Gabrielle then traveled to India, where they met Eli, a man who would have an impact on their lives. It was with Eli, that Gabrielle had wanted to walk the path of peace. And Xena learned that her path in life was the way of the warrior.

At the end of season four, Xena and Gabrielle had been crucified by Caesar and. At the beginning of season five, Gabrielle faced one of her biggest challenges, learning to live with the possibility that Xena would never be herself again and she'd have to be the one to do what Xena normally did.

After Xena got her memory back, they soon learned that Xena was pregnant. Neither one knew how she became pregnant nor did they know who fathered the baby. But Gabrielle soon learned to love Xena's baby as her own and vowed to protect the baby at all costs. Shortly after Xena's daughter Eve was born, Xena and Gabrielle had to protect Eve from the gods because Eve was to be responsible for the twighlight of the gods. But the plan they had soon went awry. Xena was to make it look as if Eve, Gabrielle, and herself were dead. But what they weren't counting on was Ares to show up and believing they were dead he took them to an ice tomb where he sealed it off so that no one could get to them.

25 years later, they awoke from the tomb and discovered that Eve grew up as Livia, Champion of Rome. Eve, or Livia, was led to believe her mother had abandoned her and grew up hating her. Eli helped Xena turn Livia back on her rightful path...as Eve and the messenger of Eli. Towards the end of the fifth season Xena was granted the power to kill gods. And the final episode of that season showed an epic battle between Xena and the gods. With Xena fearing both her daughter and her best friend was dead.

The sixth season would be the final journey for our beloved heroes as Gabrielle learned a little more about Xena's past. And we, the viewer's were treated to some of the most memorable scenes between them. Most notably, The Abyss, where Xena learned that Gabrielle was still harboring guilt over what happened with Hope.

But then came their final battleground, Japa. Where Xena had gone back to right a terrible wrong from her past. But she learned that in order for her to right that wrong, she had to stay dead after having herself killed in order to destroy a spirit she was after. Xena had been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people. If she hadn't stayed dead, those souls would never have been released into the state of peace they deserved. Xena's final act for the Greater Good was deciding to stay dead. And not only did Gabrielle say goodbye to her best friend, but the viewers said goodbye to two people we had let into our homes every week for six years.