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Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the relationship between Robert Scorpio, Anna Devane, and Robin Scorpio from General Hospital. Robert and Anna are Robin's parents, and though they've had a somewhat rocky relationship, they all love one another. Robert first found out about Robin when Robin showed up on his doorstep in Port Charles many years ago on the show...I say many because Robin was a little girl, and the actress who played her then is the same actress who plays her now. This relationship is a treat to watch because it's one of very few where the child was not rapidly aged on the show. And we got to see Robin grow up right on screen. The Scorpio's are your typical family in it that they love one another, help one another, and fight with one another...and at times they're dysfunctional. In other words, for a soap family, they're more real than most.

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