S: I'm impressed. A three match fire, a gourmet dinner. Were you a girl scout or something?
R: Hardly. My parents taught me a lot of stuff. They said that you may never know when you'll need it. And Uncle Mac's the same way. He makes me practice survival skills and stuff.
S: You know, I can survive on the street, but I don't think that I would last a night out here alone.

S: You like to have everything spelled out for you don't you? Look, why limit yourself to what you already know? Life is full of possibilities if you're just open to them. You know, that's what I like about being with Sonny. He is always into something new. Like this record company with Brenda and Lois.
R: I didn't know that you were involved with that
S: Well not yet, but Sonny knows that I'm loyal, and he trusts me. He'll make things happen for me.
R: So you just do what he says?
S: You make it sound like I'm his slave. You know, I have alot more freedom than you do.

S: Robin, it's not going to happen to us.
R: How do you know that? Everything is so stupid and random, you can't control it.
S: (pulling Robin onto his lap) How about this? How about if I tell you that I'm not going to be like the others. If I tell you that I love you and I'm not going anywhere.

S: I'm glad that's out of the way, I've wanted to kiss you all night.
R: Me too.
S: So, you really enjoyed today?
R: Are you kidding? I had a blast. I'm so happy, I could go out of my mind.
S: Oh yeah? Well what are you so happy about?
R: You and me and love in general.

R: As much as I wanna go along with whatever you want, I wish you'd consider treatment. (She sits up and looks at him) I know it's selfish, but for me, it'd be worth anything... EVERYTHING... to have more time with you.
S: I know. I can't do it. (He caresses her hair) Not even for you. Tony was right. I've been thinking about the quality of my life. It's the only call I can make right now. I want whatever time I have left to be on my terms. Not screaming at people 'cause I'm on some drug... don't cry... and not so sick from radiation that I don't even know if you're in the room with me. Whatever time I have left I want it to BE with you.
R: I know what I'm asking is out of fear, not love. (She starts to cry) It's just so hard to let go, you know? I want this to be the way you want, okay? Just promise me you'll let me stay with you.
S: God yes. (He draws her to him)

Stone: There's one thing you could do for me. I'm still asking you for favors.
Sonny: Anything.
Stone: You make sure for me that Robin's going to be OK. You take care of her.

S: Don't be lonely. I'm here, I'm with you.
R: (whispering) I feel it.
S: And I always will be.
R: I know.
S: Brave Robin. Wonderful, beautiful Robin. I love you so much.
R: (smiling and teary) I love you too.