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'I see you, oh Robin I see you.'

Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for Robin Scorpio and Stone Cates from General Hospital. Robin first met Stone when she was a teen and neither one had a good impression of the other when they met. She thought he was rude, and he thought she was spoiled. But over time, they came to love one another. And though it was a young love, it was one that people search for. Robin's Uncle Mac was initially against Robin being with Stone because he was living with Sonny Corinthos, the mob boss in Port Charles. It took some time, but eventually Mac came to accept Robin with Stone. It was after Robin and Stone had unprotected sex that he learned he had AIDS, and he was terrified of telling Robin. It was when Robin was helping him after being shot and she got his blood on him, that he told her. The first test Robin had done came back negative, but the followup revealed that she was HIV-Positive. She didn't want to tell Stone, but decided to because she didn't want secrets between them when he died. The above quote came from Stone's last moment of being alive. The AIDS virus had taken his eyesight, Robin stood in front of the window in the room he was in and he told her that he could see her. A few moments after that, he died.

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