Prue: Don't you think you're overreacting? We are perfectly safe here.
Piper: Don't say that. In horror movies, the person who says that is always the next to die.
Little Prue: That's my doll!
Little Piper: You gave it to me!
Little Prue: No I didn't. You stole it.
Prue: That's true, you did steal it.
Piper: I did not. Shh!
Prue: Yes you did.
Prue-Why do I have to carry the poisoness snake?
Piper-Cuz you're the oldest. You've lived a full life.
Prue-So, think that's their car over there?
Piper-What, you want me to ask them?
Prue-You know what, you're a smart ass.
Piper: I love you.
Prue: Bite me!
Piper: Tell me the truth. Do you think I'm pushing it too far with the wedding?
Prue: Okay, why is Phoebe going to school without her books?
Piper: Okay, why is Prue not answering Piper's question?
Prue: Okay, how did you get this stuff so fast?
Piper: Oh, I just let my fingers do the walking and the clicking and the... flipping.
Prue: Flipping as in the pages of the Book of Shadows? You used magic?
Piper: Well, yeah, I couldn't wait six to eight weeks for delivery.
Prue: That is so personal gain.
Piper: No, 'cause we need all of this stuff.
Piper: We have to find a way of hiding the rutabaga.
Prue: The rutabaga?
Piper: It's code word for the thing we're not supposed to talk about.
Prue: Oh, the rutabaga.
Piper: I can't believe we got arrested for kidnapping ourselves.
Prue: It should make for a pretty interesting defense.
Piper: You think this is funny? Not only are we stuck in jail, we're stuck in the past.
Prue: Yes, I know, Piper. I've been following.
Prue: [to Darryl] So in the meantime we can just stick together since we are both dateless.
Piper: He's not dateless, he's married. You're dateless 'cause you're picky
Piper: Bad Prue. Very bad Prue.
[Prue growls]
Piper: Hi, Kujo, who you growling at? 

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