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Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the character of Lucario from the Pokemon games. Lucario is a bipedal, jackal-like Pokemon that's around four feet in height. Lucario's forepaws are black and have one white spike on each arm on the upper-side of its wrists. In addition, there's a third spike on Lucario's chest. Lucario are considered to be prideful creatures, and are extremely loyal to their trainers. Lucario also seem to have a natural sense of justice. Lucario is also a dual-type Fighting/Steel Pokemon. Lucario are sensitive to a special type of energy called Aura. Lucario can study these waves to predict the movements of their opponents, and use them to track anyone. They can also guide the waves offensively to create explosive balls of Aura energy (such as Aura Sphere, one of only two non-legendaries to learn that move). Lucario are also able understand human speech.

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