Ever since I can remember, I've always loved to do nothing more than just sit down and listen to some of Judy's albums. There's just an honesty...a real emotion...too real of a vulnerability in her voice. She can make you feel what she was feeling at the time. Be it either sadness or happiness. The sadness can be heard in songs like Over The Rainbow, which went from a simple song she sang in The Wizard Of Oz to being a song that became her life story. The happiness can be heard in songs like Get Happy, a song that was the only religious themed song that I ever heard her sing, but watching her sing it, you could tell she felt a sort of peace singing that song. Even though the years of drug addiction that was started by MGM and her mother when she was a young girl took her life way too soon, it couldn't take her voice. And her voice continues to live on to this day with younger generations of music fans. Frank Sinatra once said that him and all the other past singers would be forgotten, but Judy never will. I first discovered Judy in The Wizard Of Oz, though I was too young to appreciate the kind of movie it's turned out to be and I was way too young to appreciate the talent and heart of Judy Garland, but as I grew older I found myself wanting to learn as much as I could about her. So, I looked for any and all albums of her songs to listen to and her movies to watch. And ever since I was child, I've always wanted to go over the rainbow.