“Judy was a complicated woman of a tremendous wit and intelligence.”- Lauren Bacall

“Judy was the star of the century... I was very close to Judy, we liked - we loved - one another actually. We had so much fun. She had the best training at MGM and she could do anything, plus she was funny.” - Tony Bennett

“That gal could do anything except look after herself.” - Bing Crosby

“She is the greatest singer of popular songs I have heard, because she sings from the heart.” - Noel Coward

“Judy was the best thing to happen at MGM.” - Roger Edens (Songwriter, arranger and musical director, MGM

“She could learn a song faster than anybody I ever knew, with less rehearsal. The musicians loved working with her.” - Arthur Freed

“There's nobody since Al Jolson who can handle an audience - walk down to the footlights and sit down and talk to an audience - and hold them the way Judy does... She gets into the hearts of people. Judy interprets a lyric as very few people in our business ever do... Judy had- and has - her own style and sang her way into the hearts of everyone in the audience. And everyone backstage too.” - Arthur Freed (Musical film producer)

“Judy was an unusual child, with an ability to project a song and a voice that penetrated your insides. She sang not just to your ears but to your tear ducts. Just like a great cantor, she combined the superb voice with an understanding of the music and lyrics and this ability to sing into your soul.” - Yip Harburg (Lyricist)

“Judy was just delightful to work with, a great, great gal.” - Bob Hope

“Judy was the greatest all around talent the movies ever had.” - Gene Kelly

“When you get down to the incredible Garland cult, you have to use that abused word charisma... You can't define charisma, but she had it always. The amazing thing about her talent was the swiftness with which she could grasp and interpret things that would take other people (and I mean talented people) ten times as long to catch.” - Gene Kelly

“She's a great technician. There's nobody in the entertainment world today, actor or singer, who can run the complete range of emotions, from utter pathos to power and dimension, the way she can... She's like a piano. You touch any key and that note of pure emotion comes out. She knows how to laugh and cry on cue. When we made Judgement at Nuremberg, I'd just have to say, "Judy, register hate and fear, like a German Hausfrau who had been persecuted by the Nazis," and the hate and fear would be there. It's the same thing when she's doing a concert, and she ends the show by sitting on the edge of the stage and singing "Over the Rainbow". She hits the lachrymal key on her piano, and the tears come out - and she cries, and the audience cries.” - Stanley Kramer (Director)

“When you work with an artist like Judy, you realise why you chose to be in the business.” - Mort Lindsey

“She has a force field in her body, an electrical force field that when she turns it on, it would reach the back of the theatre.” - Ann Miller

“I have always said that I believe that Judy had one of the most complete and limitless talents of anyone that I have ever known in show business, and in my judgement there is absolutely no part - musical, non-musical, comedy, tragedy or anything else in between - that she couldn't do as well if not better than anyone else.” - George Murphy

“As a singer-actress-comedienne, she was the most talented person - she could make you laugh and cry at the same time.” - Joe Pasternak

“I don't think any actress was so loved by the American public as Judy.” - Joe Pasternak

“I've never in my life seen an audience pull for a singer like they pull for Judy.” - Joe Pasternak (Producer)

“It is for more than mere acting that we cherish this elated little creature , it is for the true star quality - the quality of being.” - Dilys Powell (Film Critic)

“Judy could do anything and do it beautifully! I loved her very much!” - Debbie Reynolds

“She was the greatest performer . No one has been her equal...” - Mickey Rooney

“We will all be forgotten... but not Judy.” - Frank Sinatra

“She was a great artist, and when she was happy she sang better than anyone else who ever sang.” - Rod Steiger

“She incarnates a dream of adolescence and all the pain and nostalgia that goes with it. When the voice pours out, as rich and pleading as ever, we know where, and how moved we are - in the presence of a big star, and embarrassed by tears.” - Kenneth Tynan (Theatre Critic)

"Judy Garland is a singer with a capital S. And talk about soul. This woman was soul personified." - Aretha Franklin

"Soul is sincerity, plain and simple. Soul is breaking through the pretense and getting to the heart of the matter. Judy was all that -- and more." - Aretha Franklin

"Judy Garland is a class by herself." - Aretha Franklin

"Because she had heart. And because she had heart, she had the capacity to touch your heart." - Aretha Franklin

"She planted the seed of love in your heart." - Ray Bolger

"She was not only very, very good; she was the most sympathetic, the funniest, the sharpest, and the most stimulating woman I ever knew." - James Mason

"We loved her when she was happy, and we loved her when she was blue...and most of the time she was both...Nobody who ever saw her or listened to her records ever needed a last name. It was always Judy." - Rex Reed

"It was her love of life that carried her through everything...She wanted the pinnacle of excitement...She had lived eighty lives in one. And yet, I thought she would outlive us all. She was a great star, and a great talent, and for the rest of my life I will be proud to be Judy Garland's daughter." - Liz Minnelli