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Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the relationship between Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio-Drake. While friends right now, Robin and Jason used to be romantically involved with one another. It as after Robin's boyfriend, Stone had died and after Jason was involved in the car accident that took away all his memories of who he was. Robin was really one of the first few people who didn't expect the old Jason to come back. She accepted him for the person he became after he woke up from his accident. She became the first love that he remembered. He loved another before her, but he did not remember that relationship. They were incredibly close to one another until she told his brother AJ that he was the father of Michael, not Jason. That put a strain on them because he viewed it as a betrayal to him, and it took him a long, long time to be able to forgive her for that. But today, they are friends.

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