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Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the character of Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5. Ivanova was portrayed by Claudia Christian. Season 4 was her last one on the show as she never appeared in Season 5 or any of the movies after that. Although she did appear in the Season 5 finale because that was filmed before the actress departed from the show because that finale was originally intended to be the Season 4 finale. They shot a whole new Season 4 finale, in which she did not appear. To me, Ivanova was exactly what a lead female character should be. She was intelligent, funny, honest, brave, and she could take care of herself. Ivanova was also a telepath like her mother, but she hid that so that the Psi Corps wouldn't find out about that, because she had revealed in the series that she was afraid of them. She blames them for the death of her mother, and rightfully so too. It was the legal drugs that the Psi Corps gave her mother that lead to her committing suicide when Ivanova was a child. She also was able to sense the death of her brother even though they were so far apart from one another. The one person who did love her immensely, Marcus Cole, died when he learns about The Alien Healing/Execution Device, a device that takes life energy from one individual and gives it to another. Which he used to save her life when she was gravely injured. Only then did she realize the depth of Marcus' love for her. There was speculation to a lesbian relationship between Ivanova and the character of Talia Winters. But the show never confirmed this. Ivanova may not have been on the entire run of the series, but she's still one of the most beloved characters from the series.

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