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Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for Epiphany Johnson. Epiphany is a character on the ABC daytime drama, General Hospital and she can also be seen on Soapnet's original series, General Hospital: Night Shift. I called this listing Straight Shooter because that's exactly what Epiphany is, she's a straight shooter. She likes to keep her nurse's in line and has very little patience for hijinks or romance while on the clock. She's also not afraid to stand up to any of the doctors when it comes to the care of the patients. Epiphany may be tough as nails with the nursing staff, but you couldn't find a kinder nurse. As evident on a recent episode of Night Shift when she took a woman inside the hospital for medical care. The woman had been afraid to go inside because, I believe, she was uninsured. Epiphany took her right inside and even stood up to Dr. Ford when he tried to stop her by telling him, 'You're afraid of me, remember?'. And with just that one act on her part, Epiphany reminded me why I love this character so much.

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