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Welcome to the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the relationship between Brooke Logan and Bill Spencer, Jr. from The Bold and the Beautiful. When Bill first came on the show, he had a very low opinion about Brooke, but that was mainly due to what was fed to him by people who hated her. Once he actually spent time with Brooke, his opinion towards her changed, and it softened. He began seeing her as a friend, and he started falling in love with her. And in Bill, Brooke had the one thing she has never had with any other man -- someone who will defend her in front of her. At Bill's core character he is a jackass, but his love for Brooke is real. He accepts her, the whole her, without hesitation. And in return, she accepts him, the whole him, without hesitation. These two are truly each other's half, and there isn't anyone else on the show better suited for them than they are for one another.

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