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...the fanlistings.org approved fanlisting for the relationship between Bo and Hope Brady from Days Of Our Lives. Bo and Hope have known each other since they were kids. Bo used to go over to the Horton house with Roman. They met again years later when Bo returned home from the Merchant Marines, but he didn't recognize her. They've been through many ups and downs as a couple, but they've always survived it. The most devastating blow to their relationship was the death of their son, Zach. A death in which Bo's daughter, Chelsea, was responsible for. Bo had to really work in order to earn Hope's trust back. They now have a new baby daughter, who's name right now is not known. But Bo has taken to calling her Doodlebug. When Bo and Hope first got involved with one another, Hope's father did not want his daughter involved with Bo. Over the years Bo has also been portrayed by Robert Kelker Kelly. But Peter Reckell is the favorite Bo among them. He's also one reason that makes this pairing so popular and appealing to the fans of the show. Bo and Hope are a true supercouple. And one of few that Days has.

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